Different stages,
various levels,
intercepting each other.
Same moment,
different meanings,
present in all of them.

Separate paths,
isolated ways,
interlinked only for the few.
Reaching for the next,
struggling in the past,
worrying for the future.

Gaining experience,
the hard way,
is the slow and easy,
mostly used and favored.
Converting the current,
realizing the meaning,
living the truth,
is the instant reach for the willing.

Gradual gains,
layered and stay,
remain for the next,
step for the greater,
further and brighter.
The future way,
of realization and gain,
better understood,
without the strain.

here and now,
one within the other,
full of life,
isolated from each other.
All linked and acting,
planned to support,
and coach,
way to develop,
and progress,
up or down,
in or out,
heading forward,
never failing to drop out.

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