Give away

The more we let go,
the more we gain,
right choices,
and confidence;

Knowing the way,
gives us the lead,
the bearing and the heading,
that guide us through,
the storms and thunders,
sunshine and rains,
through the gates,
of rose gardens and caves;

Our way,
is not here to stay,
it provides us,
the illusion of power,
control and sorrow;
It gives us the taste,
but lets us down;
Or is it us,
thinking of great achievements,
of our deeds when things turn,
our way thanks to luck,
or by other cause,
hidden the truth,
is from us?

Therefore easy for us to claim,
victory and gain,
but hard to admit the case,
where nothing from us,
helped to prevent,
a single item,
where everything went,
the other way,
we never anticipated,
or expected to gain.

Many years,
more decades,
lots of times,
we repeat our way,
control and sorrow,
illusion of gain,
where all the good,
is of ours;
Opposite results,
caused by others,
how strange it is,
when picking up the cherries,
from the cake,
is the way we hide away;
Give away,
let it go,all the way,
let if flow;
No control, no gain,
no sorrow,no pain,
no future,no past,
only here,
experiencing to last;
Easier way,
no stress to strain,
only the wise,
realize this,
the others try,
till they fail.
Give away,
no other way.

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