You Have the Power

Out of six billion one person may not sound like much. Still one person can make a tremendous impact on others and change the way things are perceived in the future. Our history is full of persons that have taken the first step and showed the way for others. Nothing gets done if we all wait someone else to make the first move.

You don’t need to be in the news or have a large sphere of influence to be powerful. We all have power but we decide to use it differently, or even ignore it almost completely. Power is not something external even though it may have different symbols and tangible ways visible to us. Power lies within and it is up to us to decide how we are using it. Environment or any external circumstances cannot change the fact that we are the only one making the decisions how to act and behave in any given situation. Only you can compromise your own integrity. Power is clarity of mind. And it is reflected in your thoughts, talk, and most of all in your actions.

Consistency, devotion, and dedication are qualities that increase your power. When you know what you’re doing and do it in a precise and accurate manner this is shown to the world around you as well. You are convincing. People value those that are capable of making their minds and being practical examples for others. Actions speak many times louder than pure promises or empty words. Often we only talk about things but in the end carry out very little if any of the grand ideas presented. Talking is a way to substitute action. A pro seldom needs to explain and use extravagant language to describe something that is already done. Deeds are louder than any words imaginable. What is the best way to silence a doubter? Try telling that you did it already.

So, how do you spend yourday? By your actions you define your power as well. If you are running around and talking a lot with very little substance don’t expect to get great results either. We all have 24 hours in a day. Some use it more wisely than others. Doing things is not talking about doing things. The difference is that you seldom need to broadcast your actions before actually carrying them out. And afterwards the results may obviously be available for anyone interested of seeing or hearing about them. Experience comes from first-hand actions. Your opinions are more valuable if you actually have done the task already. Our world is full of opinions—everyone having their own—resulting lots of talk and very little results. In the opposite case there would be more actions and results and less time to observe others and form useless opinions. When was the last time you preferred merely to talk instead of acting?

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