Short Insights, part 2

– Happiness is living without expectations.

– You can own silver and gold but never any fiat currency issued by someone else.

– Life is what happens when you jump out of your mind and use your senses.

– Time is the sequential experience of movement in consciousness.

– We seem to rely on systems, not people.

– No system is moral, only people are.

– The answer is more love, not less.

– We don’t have private property, only degrees of collectivism.

– Representation of wealth is not the wealth. We have forgotten this. We regard money as wealth and debt as money.

– Fiat money and sustainable society are not compatible.

– Talk is no substitute for doing. If you know how, why you have to talk?

– The more you are, the less you need to be.

– Only a society based on fear needs money.

– Our beliefs and thoughts are killing us, whereas imagination and creativity liberate us.

– Only when you listen, you can create.

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