Reverse Logic

Why is it so easy to see the faults in others and be blind to our own? Often we jump to conclusions and judge other people on the outset. The fact is that we do similar or different mistakes in our life everyday—often we just do not recognise them.

The faults of others are an excellent mirror for ourself. By seeing the behaviour and actions of others we can learn from their deeds and correct our own behaviour in return. In addition we can be reminded of the shortcomings we have already been overcome by noticing the same issues in other people. This should make us humble and kindly acknowledge us that we are not perfect either. Everybody has their own shortcomings and they do their own choices and bear the consequences as well. We can do our part but we should not try to judge or intervene to their choices. Even less we should get provoked or irritated. This definitely do not help the others to realise that there might be something to improve in their actions. Everyone is a mirror for everybody else and therefore each human interaction is an outstanding opportunity to learn from the other, and upmost learn about ourself.

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