Complaining is easy. It’s destructive without giving anything back. There are always so many things that could be better, in our opinion. Focusing on the negative seldom builds any bridges or provides great insights. Still it is as easy to appreciate every moment we have.

We can always choose the way we take any situation we are faced with. We might not be able to change the circumstances but it is certainly in our powers to select our point of view. Resistance and denial are one way to cope with the issues but often we have to give away after a shorter or longer struggle. Observing and seeing the situations as they are is a great gift—and we all have it. Only a few are capable of utilising this gift but they are saved from many worries and troubles later on. If it is raining and you’re soaking wet how much does it help to be angry about it as well? The sooner you accept the reality the earlier you can even try to enjoy the situation since you’re already in the middle of it anyway.

Gratefulness has little to do with only those moments when we feel humbled or overwhelmed. On the contrary every moment is an opportunity to be grateful. Just think about it—if nothing else you can still experience and explore new things. You are free to do things differently in the next moment—change and experience something entirely unexpected. Life is never boring, only our thinking is. Therefore afresh new start is only a moment way from you. How thrilling is that?

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