Constant pace and action are not natural. One needs to relax and wind down as well. You cannot have music without silence. It takes a fine-tuned instrument to recognise when it is the time to blow hard and loud and when it is the time to give away and be quiet.

Peak performance is possible only when one is prepared for it, even unconsciously. Creative ideas and innovations seldom happen in the office environment. It is too predictable and ‘dull’. It is all in the mind but still the man-made landscape is often too ‘square’. Nature does not repeat itself. It creates variance and improvises over the theme.

Dynamics is possible only when you have enough variation. Mechanical performance will kick back in the long run. Getting used to the pattern and repeating oneself may sound like safe and secure, but they are also the way to become stuck and shut down from the unpredictable.

New is always something unknown. Therefore it is also uncomfortable for many. Even though you may not decide to explore and discover new boundaries you can always create variance within the familiar daily life and routines. Take a new route back to home. Do things in a different order or just stop and stare the night sky under the moonlight. Life is about living and living is about creating. You draw you canvas everyday by your actions. Each day is a fresh new start, and a new story to tell. If you are not happy about today’s story, try something else tomorrow. Don’t come up with the same old picture if it did not work out well yesterday. Routines are for machines—people do not have to live like robots. We are artists that create by living.

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