Credit is something we prefer to get—at least when we want to pursue new projects and need financing. But how do you gain recognition and support for your projects? Are you looking for in other people what in actuality should lie within yourself?

Credit is a recognition of your past achievements and track record. It is your history talking loud and clear by your actions and deeds. You represent the things you have done and let other people to evaluate your performance by your past success. Where you come from is a good indicator to where you are heading as well, but not more—we change all the time. A good track record means nothing if you are not performing any more. Like in the fashion business: you’re only as good as your latest collection.

When you talk with your bank manager she is not giving you credit—you already have it. She just extrapolates your past achievements as a token and promise of a future success. In other words you are trusted because of your history. No wonder it is very hard for people doing things the first time!

And don’t take your credibility as just some ‘great’ achievements you have accomplished. You are a walking history of your past experiences. Everything you do, talk, think, express, wear, and even your very presence broadcast the message about you. It is not solely the clothes you wear nor any other single item. Some people can manage to get things done with their shorts and old t-shirt on where for others a nice expensive suit cannot do the trick. Do not confuse competence and experience with the appearance. It is easy to make window dressing but a bit harder to accomplish real action points. Which one you prefer: talking about the things you are going to achieve or demonstrate the things you already have done as a proof of your competence?

Small things lead to great achievements. Often it is more important to start doing things than just to wait for the perfect time and circumstances. Your actions are a good proxy of your intentions and dedication. Are you willing to take risks and stand behind your words? Wisdom is something that is derived from first-hand experience. Knowledge can be learned but it is not a proof of profound understanding and sound execution skills. Many things look easy but are a bit more complex when you get involved with the details. Credibility comes from the things you have indicated of doing and later have accomplished successfully. It is a sign of trust given by others of your future intentions based on your past experiences. You are your own credit!

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