We love routines and predictability even if we are not openly admitting it. They give us the feeling of security and being in control of issues. Still, we are only thinking that nothing changes while everything around us is in constant move and a state of flux. We just do not register incremental shifts—and therefore we are often taken by surprise with more or less radical consequences.

Business world is a good case in point about continuous change. Organisations tend to get used to their positions and organisational charts showing how the business is structured and is supposed to be run. But customers do not like to repeat things over and over again without improvements or even trying something entirely different. This creates the urge for adjustments and new ideas. If there is no demand there is no organisation either—in the long run. No matter how nice the current business unit, division, or team you are having but if it does not serve any real need anymore it must go.

Voluntary change requires a lot. You need to be active, open, sensitive, and humble for new ideas—even radical ones. In addition, boldness and courage are in great demand in order to carry out the required changes in a swift manner. Detachment is as important for a business organisation as it is for personal development. If you fall in love with your position or routines you will lose the game in the future. Sensitivity for the unknown and being constantly listening and observing are the only ways to ensure that you earn your current leadership position over and over again. Humility is the only friend of success.

Large masses tend to move very slowly first. But even icebergs melt in wrong climate. The same applies to corporations that are looking today’s world through their rose-coloured glasses of past success. They see what they want to see and even pretend not to notice the signals of change. Delaying issues do not make them to disappear—often things just get worse. Massive layoffs and organisational restructurings and turnarounds tell their story of inevitability of change—you either adjust sooner or later or you just simply disappear altogether.

How to remain dynamic and flexible without clinging too much in the past? Focus on your capabilities and competences. Everybody needs to keep learning new skills and enrich their know-how and experience, all the time. If you regard change as a fact of live that enables you to do new things and have exciting opportunities you are less likely in need of panic actions or last-minute reactions. Do you enjoy what you are doing? Are you delivering good value and the best possible quality in your job? We tend to drop the ball way before we admit it to ourselves. We are not motivated and life seems boring, because we are stuck into our routines. This should be a very good warning sign that you have snoozed. Each morning after you wake up draw either a happy or sad smiley in your calendar for a month. Check the results and count the amount of happy faces full of anticipation and excitement for the new day. If you find way too many sad faces you may need to reconsider your priorities—change is only a thought away.

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