Lesson 7: The Difference between Passion and Opportunities

It is recognisable far away—those people who do things with passion. They are at ease and enjoy what they are doing. They feel, care, and often get other people joining their enthusiasm. It is fun to deal with these people. They share their expertise and make your life easier if you happen to need their help with their area of expertise. The difference is as clear as day and night when you compare a person that is just doing his/her job and the one who is having a thrill at work.

Doing things with bliss requires that you find your passion. That may not be easy and some hard soul searching might be required at first. There are always opportunities around you. Being able to do something is not the same as a must to do those things. Once in-a-lifetime opportunities are the right choices only when you know what you want and where you’re heading. A perfect opportunity without passion is the same as living someone else’s life and realising it only when it is already too late.

Picking your battles is easy to say and hard to practise. People around you are making choices. Some become famous and successful, others keep on executing their routine filled lives with little surprises. Still no choice is better than the other—they are just different. Often the unconventional decisions take more courage and receive very little support or even hard resistance from other people. Doing something differently makes other people uncomfortable. You are just the conduct and their main concern is themselves, and their life, not you. They compare your choices to theirs and play the what-if game. Still the results are projected at you. This often discourages to share your dreams and decisions with others who are not like-minded. That’s absolutely all right. It is better to let your deeds do the talking and, if necessary, it’s easier to talk and state about things that you have already done.

When you follow your hear and live your passion you cannot make wrong choices. The route may not be without rough drives but still there is no other alternate passageway to follow. At least there is one thing less to worry about—you already know you have made the right decision.

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  • Reply Arijit September 19, 2012 at 3:01

    This is beautiful writing. My STORY: I am an engineer having apparently everything working in a famous MNC with a good salary and bright prosperous career ahead. But my heart lies in some different kind of work. I love it. I don’t even know how good I will be in that. Also, that line has far less opportunity,almost nill. And is it worth taking risk with my life & career & respect just for my passion? 90% sane people would ask to compromise and adjust with what I have. But I know what I must do before it’s too late…..:)

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