Lesson 3: Doing Your Job Is Not Enough

After you come out of the school you think you’re ready for the working life. Wrong. Most of the theoretical knowledge you have obtained has very little resemblance to the tasks and work at hand. You will notice soon that real life business is not so much about knowledge but making choices, convincing, and communicating with people.

Similarly it takes a while to realise that most of the people are very reluctant to change and they tend to be stuck to their routines and behavioural patterns after they first settle in. It’s like you have spent two decades to grow, learn, and reach higher and push your limits while educating yourself and suddenly after a few years in the job this deep curve drops down to a mere flat line with very little if any gradient over the years. You loose and forget your agility to absorb new information and surprise yourself.

However there is a very rare species in the business world that is continuously keeping itself at the unknown and pushing the limits. These people are never completely comfortably with their roles since they are always in the learning mode and shifting to new challenges when the experience curve starts to stall and loose its deep gradient. They are inclined to be less vulnerable to internal politics since they are not building their careers based on the same job description or title for vary long. They are aiming ever higher and up to new challenges. They are the movers and shakers—the rebels. Many people mimic this mode but true rebels can be recognised from their devotion and track record. They are able to keep up their pace successfully over long periods of time.

And what happens to the rest who are no rebels? They tend to start to play the same old record over and over again with a very little variance. Just think about it—and see it yourself.

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