Life is a moment, a declaration;
It puts us into a test,
of persistence and consistence;
It kindly teaches us the origin,
of who we are and what we are.

Life keeps us busy,
Let us find our way.
It whispers in our ears,
and shows us the road.
The journey is long,
we have to do it alone;
Often we are lost,
and the road is gone.
We reach for guidance,
and struggle to stumble the way.

The road is the way,
and the journey is the end;
Only choices are ours,
they accompany our way;
The trip is hard,
often uphill and more downhill;
heading forward seems so far away.

Life is true;
it never lets us down.
Our mind is tricky,
it gives us a hard time.
We believe its lies,
sights of wit and fame.
We run to shortcuts,
and forget the way;
Life kindly leads us back,
but soon we head again our way.

We never seem to learn,
but, therefore, life is the way.