Tweet experiment

June 10, 2010

A few months ago I ran an experiment where I posted on Twitter a brief thoughtful sentence once a day. The try out revealed that quite a number of tweets inspired people to comment and continue discussion. However, these discussions occurred in Facebook, not in Twitter.

Here they are (latest first):

  • The wise know but barely show.
  • Denial is ignorance of perception.
  • Old errors cannot be covered by repeating them.
  • Spring is about bursting bubbles of creative energy.
  • Only those who do not think need others to tell them what to do.
  • New day, fresh canvas.
  • Constant unpredictability – a sign of creative living.
  • Experiences and knowledge shape your future.
  • Planning helps, but doing works.
  • Expectations lead to disappointments.
  • Strategy is holographic actions.
  • Why the only constant is so often such big news: Change!
  • Humbleness is a friend of acceptance.
  • Organisations don’t exist, people do.
  • Drama is imaginary life of others.
  • Poor judgement is often followed by drastic measures.
  • Creativity is the sound of silence.
  • Remove fear and you are free.
  • Integrity starts by facing the mirror.
  • A civilised society does not need public servants or masters.
  • Public good is something that removes your individual choice, resources and control.
  • Practical example persuades the most.
  • Smile impacts others.
  • Success is a subjective phenomenon.
  • Kind words and encouragement result positive outcomes.
  • Poor perception means a lot of action.
  • External conflicts are created by internal turmoil.
  • Telling others what to do is easy. Keeping your  mouth shut and minding your own business is harder.
  • Happiness is not a dictum to be followed.
  • To erode our individual rights is to sell out our future.
  • We can worry only now.
  • To choose is to discriminate.
  • A more sophisticated form of slavery is called taxation.
  • Lack of understanding is called complexity.
  • To make a difference is to change oneself.
  • Uncertainty is the price of change.
  • Welfare model: Remove freedom of choice, take the resources by coercion and provide one-size-fits-all package solutions in return.
  • Business model of politics: take other people’s money and give it to others, and gain more power, prestige and influence in the process.
  • Receipt of politics: separate benefits (and responsibility) from the costs by coercion.
  • Lack of clarity precedes blurry actions.
  • Getting funding is easy, preparations for it usually are not.
  • What are we doing and why?
  • When you don’t know what to do, do nothing.
  • Speculation is futile and patience is everything.
  • Resist the temptation to do last minute “fixes”.
  • Solid (recession) business model: Money now and money in the future.
  • Unconditional love drives where selfishness blinds.
  • Simple rules are the hardest to follow.
  • Doing good is more popular than being good.
  • Rainy day is perfect for absorption.
  • We take things for granted, till they are gone, like your fillings.

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